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Un peu d'histoire

The Manoir de Kerbot is a Manor built in the 16th century, known today for its Gastronomic restaurant. This Manor was originally the home of a family of officers of the Duke of Brittany, the Du Bot family, hence its name KERBOT. Subsequently, it was bought by the Maubec family and finally by the Marquis de Gouvello before the French Revolution. Seat of the former seigniory.

The Manoir de KERBOT, has had several lives, indeed, it was a farm in the first place. Then, after several alterations by the Marquis De Gouvello, the Manoir de KERBOT became an orphanage and an agricultural school in 1872. The only vestige of this past is the fireplace in the North room. In this institution, children, mainly from Alsace-Lorraine, could learn the culture of the Earth (agricultural and viticultural), so that they would not be recruited on the battlefields during the Wars. Later, when the young people left the orphanage, they mainly became farm boys or gardeners. Some were employed by the Marquis for various tasks and works.

The learning of the Earth took place in these places but not only.

Indeed, religion also had an important place in the orphanage. This also explains the presence of the 3 statues along the facade of the Manor.

The chapel, on the other hand, was on the ground floor in a room to the north of the building. The chapels of the Kerhars and Kerbot orphanages were small and modest. They welcomed the four brothers as well as the fifteen residents of the orphanage. These two institutions met on Sundays and used the Chapelle du Domaine de Kerlevenan. A marble statue of Saint-Joseph located in the southern transept of the chapel of Kerlevenan would come from the chapel of Kerbot.

Bibliography: Adrien Régent, op. cit. pages 377-380, general inventory, Record No.: IA00127619, Documentation and thanks: Gwenola de Gouvello Extract from the book: “Churches and chapels in the country of Rhuys” Raphaël Valéry.

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